#BlackPowerYellowPeril: You’re doing it wrong!


I ran across a trend today on Twitter that can be described in three words: hilarious, troubling, predictable. I’m not sure how #BlackPowerYellowPeril started, but its turned out to be not only anti-White, but anti-Asian in some cases as well.  I assume its supposed to be blacks and Asians uniting against Whites.  Blacks need to know that Asians aren’t their enemy any more than Whites are. Those keeping blacks from being the powerful beings they think they are, or aspire to be are not only other blacks, but more importantly Jews. All this misdirected rage from the black community! When will they learn who their real owners are? Here are a few jewels from the trend:

You”re doing it wrong! Your ire is mis-placed.

And the Jew rejoices!

Say the apologist Asian betas.

Society doesn’t “fetishize” blacks or Asians.  Jews however do.  Who do you think controls and pays for all that media which portrays you in one way or another?  It isn’t the White man.

Don’t you think its better to concentrate on who’s perpetuating the lie that Whites are the only ones who discriminate, and blacks are the only ones who are discriminated against?

I don’t know what to say about this one aside from its total nonsense!

Notice the hair splitting?  Such silly pontificating.  Makes me wonder if any of them actually read their own tweets.

Who do you think instigates your attacking one group of people over another?  Its time blacks wise up to who is cracking the whip.  If all racial groups are striking out at each other except the Jews, who do you think will be more prepared to rise to power?  Jews want us all at each other’s throats.

Who do you think is wringing their hands in glee at all of this?

And now for a voice of reason:

Zionists are always looking for ways to divide all others who are not Jewish.  What better way than to get blacks and Asians against Whites, and against each other as well?