Do White Lives Matter? Or Should We All Just Burn?


Her name was Jessica Chambers, and she was only 19 years old.  She had gone out to clean her car, get some gas and something to eat, but never made it back alive.  On December 11, 2014 someone or a group got to her, doused her with lighter fluid or gasoline, then set her on fire.  When first responders got to the scene they found her on fire and walking down the street.  98% of her body had been burned, with the exception of the bottoms of her feet.  She died later at the hospital.

One glaring omission in the initial reporting of this story is that the race of the potential perpetrators was not being reported on, even though there were suspicions on who it was.  Jessica was able to utter a few words before she died that reportedly may have named her attackers.  We were lead to believe that no one knew who the attackers were, but as more information comes out it appears that there were suspects.  Why aren’t they reporting on the race of these suspects?  Apparently there is a person of interest.  Why isn’t the race of that person boldly plastered all over the place in the way it would be if the attacker was white, and the victim black?

Before I had learned any details other than how the attack went down, and noticing the lack of information about the assailants, I had a feeling that we would find out that the perp was going to be black.  I suppose you could call me racist for suspecting this, but it has nothing to do with blaming a group of people who have shown greater propensity towards violence and crime.  Pretty blond white girls get murdered all the time by whites.  Why then would I suspect that her attacker was black?  It’s because of media silence on the race of any suspects involved.  Not one freaking peep from mainstream media on race at all.  We all know what that means.

“Help, I can’t breath!”

I wonder if that’s the last thing she thought before her charred body heaved its last breath.

Her story won’t matter to most in network news and well funded mainstream websites.  It wont matter because she is white.  It won’t matter because her attacker(s) was/were more than likely black.  You see, she had just broken up with her black boyfriend, but it took internet sleuths to find that information and publish it.  As of this writing, no one has been identified or arrested.  The race issue is being completely scuttled.  Media is being given instructions on what to say, and what not to say.

You know what I hope?  I hope the attacker(s) is/are white.  If they are white, they will get the punishment they deserve.  If they are black, they will get support and encouragement from the black community, the victim will be made out to be a horrible manipulative privileged white girl, and Al Sharpton et all will rush to his/their side to help in their defense.  Because we all know, prosecuting blacks or holding them accountable for the crimes they commit is racist.

RAMZPAUL shares his views.  He accurately states how racist it is to talk about race when a black person is involved in a crime, but talking about a crime if a white is the suspect is just fine and dandy.


“You can burn alive a white girl.  No one gives a shit.  Where the f*** is Jezebel?  Shouldn’t this be a good case for Jezebel about domestic violence?  About how men are evil to women?  Boy this should be front page news for them.  Hell they are going to f***king ignore it because of the racial angel.”

In other news:

Georgetown players stage ‘I Can’t Breathe’ protest – Garner, Brown protest wreaks havoc in Berkeley – OPINION: Columbia Law’s emotional meltdown – College president sorry for saying ‘All lives matter’

I wonder if Jessica’s life matters to these very same ball players?  Will they wear a shirt for her too?  Will they feel the same horror in how she died and that she was unable to breath too?  Will they even find out about her?  No to all, and we all know it.

Check your privilege black people.  Your lives are officially worth more than ours.