Feral She Beast Attacks Woman on Bronx Subway For Bumping Into Her

Why are black women so violent?

Bronx subway rider hammers woman, 54, with cellphone and beats her face after getting bumped by victim’s cart

A bump of a cart turned into a sudden beatdown, when a steamed straphanger used a cellphone to pummel a 52-year-old woman whose shopping cart went awry on a Bronx subway train, police said Friday.

The drama began when Angela Frias’ shopping cart rolled into her assailant on a Manhattan-bound 4 train after it left the Burnside Ave. station at about 2:40 p.m. on July 27.

Frias told the Daily News she repeatedly tried apologizing to the woman with the little English she has, pleading with her to stop.

The mother of five said the stranger went berserk and started punching her in the face. She also struck the victim with a cellphone. [more]