In Development

Yes, I decided to resurrect this old domain in addition to acquiring another old one

Why? Because I could.

No, we don’t need just another pro-White website because there have been plenty. But taking into consideration the recent attempt to completely shut down the Daily Stormer which can still be accessed here and here, and Stormfront – the original White Pride website, the ability for like minded White people to gather and discuss are becoming more restricted by the day. welcomes everyone to speak freely, so I suggest you get an account there if you haven’t already.

I’m not sure how I will develop this website, or if it’s even needed. I will need help. Know that whatever happens here, it will be a 100% free speech zone which of course will have to work within the confines of the law.

I will need writers and/or curators. Nothing fancy. Aggregation of news, or featured articles will be welcome in addition to videos.

If you’re interested contact me via the contact form located here.

Within the next few days at the very least aggregation of pro-White content will begin. Most of the content present now was snagged from web archives still existing for these domains. I wasn’t able to get it all back, but at least a few.

No one really knows this website is here, so if your viewing this, thanks for stopping by. If you’re able to lend any assistance please contact me.