Killing blacks and Jews isn’t the answer – separating them from us is!


Its clear that Whites have become targets even more lately than any time in history. I used to think people who talked about White Genocide were tin foil hat wearing cooks. No more though! Dialogue going on within the feral black community has become more intense since Barack Obama was elected in 2008. So much for a post racial country, eh? Blacks want Whites dead, and they aren’t too stealthy about their desire to pick us off one by one either.

Jamie Foxx “jokes” about being able to kill all the white people in his movie Django. “How great is that?” he asks. There are many videos, blog posts, etc. that show the common desire of blacks wanting to kill Whites – too many to list individually. Many of you reading this have already seen or read them. If you’ve got celebrities “joking” about killing whites, and you have black leaders and members of government talking about it, you have to admit there is a trend, and that trend is not good for Whites.

I know there are many White Nationalists who would love nothing more than being able to personally cut all blacks and Jews in half with a high powered rapid fire weapon. I must admit there have been times that in the back of my head I’ve imagined doing this very same thing myself. Its usually right after some disgusting pig of a negro has just snuffed the life out of yet another one of my White brothers or sisters.

BUT! This simply wont do. Lets say hypothetically we all obtain the biggest baddest guns we possible can, go out and round up all the nasty negroes and Zionist Jews, line them up, then shower them will bullets. What have we accomplished? Sure, they’d all be dead, but what about all those traitorous whites out there who champion the causes of those races? They’re all still here! We cant start killing a bunch of apologizing whites too can we? There would just be more and more of them born every day with the same philosophy bred into them. Why is this? Why do some whites end up feeling sorry for those who don’t deserve to be felt sorry for?

Whites become weakened because we are the most intelligent, caring, giving, tolerant, nurturing race on the planet. WE are the creators; the true producers. Just look at any civilized country and what its accomplished. The predominating race in that country is White. Whites are the most powerful race, with the greatest propensity for love and wanting to do what’s right for all of mankind. What makes us strong, can also make us weak. Over centuries of time we’ve demonstrated our compassion and desire to help those who are weaker than us. Because of this, many of us allow our compassion to over rule some of the laws of nature. Instead of expecting others to at some point become strong, we keep them weak by showering them with love and compassion. We become blinded by our desire to “help” others achieve. Many whites have crippled those who should have been pushed out of the nest a long time ago. We just cant do it! Will they fall and break a wing? Will they starve? Will they be consumed by predators? Many whites just cant grasp the concept of allowing the “natural order of things” to take place.

Its because of these weakened whites that we cant go around killing blacks and Jews willy nilly. If we do, those whites who’ve become weak will never learn about what happens when you let the natural order of things take place. Instead of creating martyrs out of filthy animals, we need to provide teaching moments for the weakest among us. This may seem like an impossible task because there are so many whites who are weak, and who cannot fathom the idea of not propping up those who are weaker. There is only one way to provide real teaching moments to the weakest whites.

In order to teach apologist whites, we have to separate ourselves from blacks and Jews completely. Just as the over 100 countries that have expelled the Jews, so should America. Let them go back to their cherished Israel. We must abolish Zion and all traces of it from our media, culture, and educational institutions. We must either expel or sequester all blacks to another country they can call their own, or segregate them to a small cluster of consolidated states within the US, bordered off with a fully secure barrier from White America. Many of them have expressed their desire for this anyway. They would love nothing more than to get away from Whitey. I say lets grant them their wish. I would gladly contribute to the cause.

Then, let nature takes its course.