Madeleine Bunting of the Guardian Knows Nothing About Multiculturalism

In an article appearing on the Guardian back in March of 2014, Madeleine Bunting mused about how great multiculturalism is working.

She said:

If you don’t think multiculturalism is working, look at your street corner

Living in a mixed area makes us more tolerant, not less, studies show. That fact must be part of the immigration debate

Passive tolerance is probably not a concept many people have yet heard of. Let’s hope that changes, because “passive tolerance” is the most hopeful bit of academic social psychology research to emerge in a long time. It is the idea that simply living in an area of high diversity rubs off on you, making you more tolerant of ethnic diversity. [more]

Hey Madeleine, I’ve got news for you!


H/T Carl Hogan