Megyn Kelly Shills For Black False Victim-hood And White Privilege


It’s been clear for at least a decade that mainstream “journalism” has become a complete farce when reporting truthfully.  I used to be one of those Fox news parrots who believed that it was the one media outlet that really was fair and balanced.  Oh how times have changed me.  I haven’t watched Fox news in over 5 years, but was pointed in the direction of the following video, so I am now going to share it with all of you as an example of just how far media has fallen.

Megyn Kelly, who I used to respect, continues the lies about why black people have (and cause) the problems they do.  She dutifully parrots the left’s talking points that stats regarding black unemployment rates, children living in poverty, single parent homes, incarceration rates, segregated housing, being subjected to force by police, documented white flight, bad schools, etc. are all because of white privilege.

I noticed that she referred to black incarceration rates while ignoring stats on black crime rates.  The same goes for blacks being subjected to force by cops.  Like the good little shill she is, she failed to speak truthfully about the violence blacks commit against cops, and the many violent crimes they commit on the whole.  In speaking about white flight from neighborhoods she failed to include in the conversation why whites flee.  Whites flee certain areas because when blacks grow in numbers, the neighborhood becomes a crime ridden cesspool.

She makes reference of single parent homes.  As if this is due to white privilege?  She states bad schools are because of white privilege.  No, the schools are crap in black neighborhoods because the whites have left the area and aren’t being leeched of tax resources.  In neighborhoods where there are mostly blacks, there will always be less tax cash flow because blacks in these neighborhoods have learned that it’s easier to live off the government than get a job and pay taxes.

Bill O’Reilly mostly just nodded his head in agreement, only once attempting to shed light on the truth by briefly mentioning the causative factors such as families, culture, personal responsibility, and that black culture needs to change.  He has become less effective than lefty news reporters from MSNBC.  At least they can get people to actually believe in them.

There is no hope for mainstream media.  Journalists have become tabloid reporters.  To get to the truth about a story you either have to be there in person to see the event unfold with your own eyes, or hear it with your own ears, or dig deep into the belly of the internet.

I suppose what bothers me the most about the video below, is that here we have yet another white woman irresponsibly parroting leftist talking points.  I guess it’s true that media is bought and paid for, and not by you or I, but by handlers who pull all the strings of their good little puppets who will do and say as they’re told.

In stories where there is a black victim, and an alleged white perpetrator, the races are always, and I repeat always reported on.  Not so much with the races reversed.  I searched out several stories about the knockout game this morning.  Out of the six stories I found (and there were many more), not one of them mentioned the race of the assailants, or the victims.  There is a case local to me that occurred several months ago where a white guy was attacked by two black “teens”.  Not one of the stories about this particular attack reported on the race of anyone involved.  I have sent emails to the writers asking why they didn’t mention the race of anyone involved in the stories.  If they respond I will let you know here.

My main point here is that there is no white privilege.  However, there is black privilege.  Blacks are protected, given preference over whites, are supported more strenuously by government, and are allowed to do and say as they please even if it’s clearly hatred directed at whites.


EDIT 08/26/17: I cannot express how still to this day that woman angers me.