This website is here to speak out against anti-White racism, White guilt, and put a stop to the current climate of blame shifting.

I do not in any way, shape, or form support illegal activities. I will not champion those who wish to kill, main or physically hurt someone, or damage property. I’m not a Nazi, Neo-Nazi, or KKK member. If being proud that I’m White, and believing that the White race is the most talented, intelligent, creative, loving, considerate, tolerant, and beautiful race makes me a White Supremacist; so be it. I am a White Nationalist [period].

Although this may be labeled a “racist” website I intend to voice my thoughts and opinions regarding my firm stance on personal responsibility for people of ALL races. I have great concern that white’s don’t have the same civil rights as blacks and other minorities, and plan to expose this in every way I can.

Yes, I WILL use the word “Nigger”. Why you ask? Because blacks call each other that, and because I can. If blacks, Jews, and other races can call whites Honky, Cracker, White Devil, Blue Eyed Devil, Bacon Bits, White Trash, Caulkie, Trailer Trash, Beach Nigger, Betty Crocker [referring to all white women in a derogatory way], Bird Shit, Bleach Boy, Bucket [you ain’t pale, you bucket], Cock-Asian, Cocksauce, Ditchpig, Flour Bag, Ghost, Gomer, Hay Seed, Lynch-monger…. far too many more to mention… and refer to us using these terms and others like them without being persecuted, I will use the term nigger and be allowed to without suffering as well.