Sick people defining a cause


The TSA shooting at LAX carried out by Paul Anthony Ciancia last week is being framed as patriotic terrorism by a right-wing anti-banker conspiracy theorist. [more]

I knew from the moment this story came out and discovered the guy was white, media would depict him as an extreme patriot lunatic.  They didn’t use the term “Tea Party” but they really didn’t need to.  People who do these things are mentally damaged in some way.  When sick people latch on to a cause and go out shooting things its difficult for the sane people within that cause to be effective.  Media will use instances such as this to define that cause and the people within it.

Sickos aren’t our problem.  They are rare in the grand scheme of things.  There is one major problem people have, in particular the White Nationalist movement [even though this movement isn’t being called into question this time]. That problem is how we have allowed media to define us and shape the conversation for what we believe in.

Most mainstream media is controlled by Jews who push multiculturalism, progressivism, anti-patriotism, and anti-White male agendas.  Media latches on to these sick people and exploits their weaknesses, accentuating anything in their life and ideology that may indicate they are on the right, or patriotic in some way.  They want patriots and those who call themselves Conservative to appear as gun toting, extreme killers.  Media wants the viewing public to be afraid of the normal sane people within the “Conservative” crowd, and are successful in convincing the left that those on the right are going to come for those on the left eventually with guns a blazing!

We all know that most “Conservatives” aren’t extreme lunatic killers.  Those in the Conservative crowd may not be the brightest bulbs in the pack, but they aren’t killers.  Hell, most of them don’t even know what Conservatism is yet they parrot talking points that are rather meaningless and ineffective.  But, we know the bulk of them aren’t crazy.

What surprises me about this story is that media didn’t dig deep enough and discovered Ciancia was connected to the White Nationalist movement.  Perhaps that will be revealed at some point in the future.  The day is young.  This story just broke so there is no telling how media will warp it.

The problems within the Conservative and White Nationalist movements are similar.

How can Conservatives and/or those who call themselves “patriots” define who they are and what they really stand for if they don’t fully understand what it means to be a Conservative?  Conservatives have no strong leaders.  They have allowed media to set the tone of their dialogues.  Whereas when the Tea Party was very strong when it was initially formed, its now progressively becoming weaker.

How can White Nationalists define who they are and what they believe when there are so many different points of view within the same movement?  People, including myself, are struggling to latch on fully.  I disagree with some elements within the movement, as I am sure others do as well.  Media defines the entire White Nationalist movement by the most extreme among us.  I’m not a Nazi.  Are you?  I don’t want to go out burning crosses on lawns, nor kill and main blacks and Jews.  Do you?  Yet this is how we are presented to the public.  Also, we have no strong, wise, sensible, sane, committed leaders.  Yes there are those who have made their contributions, but not one, two, or even a solid full group is strong enough to organize us all to form a cohesive group.

There are those who are making a good start at defining who we are and what we believe.  Visit the people at the Free America Rally website.  Legal activism is what they do.  Its what we all, myself included need to do.  The number of rallies need to increase, and the number of people participating in these sort of rallies need to be greater.  This will help, but we still need strong leaders.

Who are they?  Will they reveal themselves in time to stop the destruction of the White race?