Trustworthy people

Do they even exist on the internet? The only thing I can say for sure is honesty is rare in this realm.

I’ve recently become involved with a movement that I initially thought shared the same ideas as I do with regards to race, and the problems it causes not only in America, but around the world. I’ve come to understand that there are few I feel I can fully trust within the White Nationalist movement and am considering withdrawing myself completely from it. Why rub shoulders with people who would for whatever reason seek to expose who you are, ruin your job and family life, and ostracize you from the group because you don’t fit their perception of what a proud White person should be. Its hard enough speaking your mind around those who openly state their opposition to you, and who seek to ruing lives of those who don’t agree with their paradigm. I didn’t expect I’d get the same from those I thought were like me.

A wise person told me last night something I already knew, but needed to hear never the less. It had something to do with how people of questionable character, and perhaps even ones being placed in the movement as a means to divide it. I’m not so idealistic to expect that spies could never exist within a movement that seems so proud and impenetrable. I’m sure they do. But due to my persistent optimism and belief that [almost] all people are inherently good, I fear I might be easily targeted.

Another problem I have difficulty reconciling is those who insist you are nothing unless you openly rally and protest. I would personally like to slap the shit out of all you kids who think this way. Perhaps your job is one that is easily dumped for another if word of your activities were to get back to your employer. Maybe you don’t have a job at all and have nothing to lose. Either way, you diminish the importance of people like me who are racially aware and want to share that awareness with others so that the movement will grow in numbers. There are those who can contribute in many other ways. I would like to contribute by speaking my mind on this humble little website. I would also like to assist financially those who I know are out there fighting the good fight.

However, I wont contribute financially to some punk who mouths off about other White Nationalists who aren’t doing their part because they aren’t out there rallying. Are you going to support me financially if I lose my job? You going to pay for my lawyer? What happens if my family gets harassed by the opposition? Are you going to “do your part” and help them stay safe as well? Buddy, you aren’t worth it to me. I will contribute to those who are doing good for White people legally, and who welcome anyone and their talents who are willing to help others join in. Those condoning killing, maiming, and illegal activities will not get a drop of financial support from me.

In the days to come I will be selecting a person or website that I find inspiring. I will be making small donations at first, then increase them as I can afford to. You probably wont know where it came from, but if you do I insist you not speak about it.

This is all I can do for you, for us. I may not be a talented writer, but I will write. I will donate money when I can. I will pimp my writings on Twitter, but otherwise I have no desire to spend as much time there as I have been. Its not a place where freedom of speech abounds anyway. You know where to find me.