We came, we conquered, and we make no apologies!


The White man, or Whitey, is consistently referred to as evil, white devil, etc. Media says we have oppressed everyone and everything. Even some within our own race think we are unduly prejudiced, discriminatory, and that all we are interested in doing is subjugating those who aren’t white. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Whites, Caucasians, European American, however people choose to define us, have created, built, invented, learned, taught, cultivated, and yes, conquered nations, land, and countries. This is what humans do!

Do any of you think that African’s haven’t or don’t conquer? Black Africans continue to enslave their own people to this day. They’ve killed countless Whites in an effort to dominate the continent. Their methods are unsophisticated for the most part, but if Whites are considered evil for conquering men and nations so should blacks.

What about the Jews? Do any of you honestly believe that Jews are innocent and should be shielded from scrutiny when it comes to the atrocities they’ve committed against other humans? They’ve been expelled from almost every nation they’ve tried to usurp due to their lying, thieving ways, and their manipulation of financial systems and culture in every society they’ve touched. They haven’t been expelled from America yet because most of America is too numb to actually see what’s happening to them right before their eyes.

Do any of you think that if Mexicans [or Latino’s – whatever they want to be called] had the intelligence and power to conquer America they wouldn’t? In case you didn’t know, that’s pretty much what they would like to see happen.

Should we feel sorry for the American Indian because we came to America to conquer the land and create new safe homes for our families? No, because if the American Indian had the capability they would have done the exact same thing to us.

We should make no apologies to those who were unable to protect their land, and families from such a formidable force – the White Man. Your jealously is seething and it doesn’t look good on you.

Unfortunately for the demographics of people listed above, they neither had the intelligence, power, courage, or ability to conquer the White Man because the White Man is a species of human that is the most formidable on the planet. We’ve tried to play nice with the restless natives of every race in the lands that we’ve conquered. We’ve tried to help them rise to the level that we function at. Through all the special programs we’ve created, all the entitlement programs that were initially meant to only be temporary, we’ve still not been able to get blacks in particular, but others as well, to function at the same level as we do.

We came, we conquered, we tried to help you live well, and we make no apologies! What America needs to do to preserve its beauty, strength, and dominating force in the world is to demand that people of non white ethnicity start functioning at a level that can be considered fully functional human, or those people who cant must leave the country never to return. We also need enough Whites who are willing to stand up to Jews and abolish all traces of Zionism from our country and culture.

We’ve conquered before, we can do it again. You are slowly pissing more and more of us off. Do you feel as though you overstayed your welcome? You have. We can and will come for you if you don’t change.