Where does Whitey fall in the pecking order of the Racialist movement?


In trying to answer my above question I can look at it in two ways:

  • Where do I [with screen name Whitey] fall within the grand scheme of White Nationalism?
  • Or, take the above question rhetorically, in that I’m trying to find out where the White Man as a whole actually falls within the vast network of White Nationalist groups.

I’m just one individual writing about things that hit me in my gut. I know there are a plethora of groups out there that fall under the White Nationalist category: Nazi’s, KKK, National Socialists, White Supremacists, Separatists, Aryan Nation, Occidentals, plain old White Nationalists, and probably many more. I’m not a member of any of these [yet] but describe myself as a White Nationalist. I couldn’t begin to pick one of the groups I just named and say, “That one is the key. It has all the elements I consider relevant with regards to my thoughts and beliefs about White Nationalism.” Many of them contain ideals or rules that I’m firmly against.

As I’m becoming more knowledgeable about all the different racialist groups out there, I’m discovering that there’s a pecking order within all these various sects. Someone has always got to be top dog. Someone has always got to be the lowly subject. I suppose this is how life works as there will always be leaders who will lead, and followers who will follow. My dismay though is over the realization that there are far too many who want to be top dog, and claim great power and influence.

I was talking to another White Nationalist who runs a website the other day. I wanted to let him know I admired and respected what he was doing with his website and was trying to get his link up on my [humble] little site. He responded to me saying, “no worries brother, I’m not here for the hits, just doing my duty,” or something similar.

THAT right there is the motherfucking TICKET! THAT should be the spirit of ALL White Nationalists, including myself; to not seek power, influence, and attention, but to serve the cause only! That cause is the preservation of the rights of the White race and its protection. By the way, the individual who I am talking about runs Red Pill Factory. Please go check out his site. He just quietly keeps plugging away at what he believes in and is doing a great job.

That is what I’m trying to do as well. Who I am as an individual is inconsequential to the White Nationalist cause as a whole. I don’t care if no one knows me or my website. I don’t care if I have power or influence. It doesn’t matter if people think “Whitey” from dontblamewhitey.com is something special. I will pimp my writings on twitter when I complete them, but aside from that I’m a small fish in a huge sea of what is slowly starting to look like a cluster fuck of power hungry assholes!

There are those out there who want to exclude some, and not others. There are those who will label you bad for the movement if you don’t fall in line with their paradigm. If some of these so called White Nationalists go through their list and cant tick off each and every thing on their list that you should be, you are all the sudden a pariah and are systematically excluded and stigmatized by the group. You are abandoned by those you would hope could understand you the best.

I had hoped that in delving deep into the White Nationalist groups and causes I would find acceptance and a willingness to teach and mentor. I’m finding that those who truly wish to teach and mentor are few and far between. There are a lot of power hungry dicks and bitches in the White Nationalist movement, and I plan to stay as far away from them as possible. You will be able to spot them right away. They are the ones who will instruct you to block or ignore others on social media who are in the WN movement who they don’t agree with, or purely don’t understand. Be wise enough to converse with those you wish to based on your own experience with them.

As far as you dicks and bitches who claim to be part of the White Nationalist movement and like to harass others, tell others what to think and do, and attempt to ostracize those who disagree with you, just know your days are numbered. People get tired of your exhausting methods in your attempts to control everything. You cant expect others to jump on board if you are trying to navigate a ship that’s without rudders or sails, and is slowly sinking. Conduct yourselves in a manner which showcases your wisdom, not your ability to be a total and complete fuckwad.

Am I clear? Let the hate mail begin. Fuck you in advance.