You call yourself an Aryan man?


When I began my quest to share ideas about White Nationalism and anti-White racism there is one thing that bothered me almost right away.  I signed up for a Twitter account and began adding people to my follow list.  I noticed there were quite a few men who called themselves White Nationalists, used WPWW, Nazi symbols, and White pride graphics as their avis and in their bios – who frequently post porn.  I’m not talking about a little cleavage.  I’m referring to full on nude porn shots.

This confused me because I had read the 88 Precepts by David Lane and found this:

36. Sexual pornography degrades the Nature of all who are involved. A beautiful nude woman is art; a camera between her knees to explore her private parts is pornography.

Why do so many “Aryan” men post porn in their Twitter feeds?  I suspect that although they may be White, they aren’t White Nationalists.  They’ve just found a place where they think this sort of thing is totally acceptable.  I’ve come to the conclusion that many of the men I’ve been following don’t know a thing about White Nationalism, and place themselves within the movement and think they belong merely because they “hate niggers” and Jews.

I’ve seen WN’s post porn shots of Asian women, Latino’s etc., then they all form a circle jerk and talk about how they’d love to fuck this one or that.  Seriously?  And you call yourself a good Aryan man?  You are no better than the “niggers” you say you hate so much!  And if its not o.k. for White women to fuck black men, or men of any other race, its NOT o.k. for you to fuck Asians and Latino’s either!  Nor is it o.k. to post their naked images for all to see.

32. Miscegenation, that is race-mixing, is and has always been, the greatest threat to the survival of the Aryan race.

Guess what guys!  Your proud Aryan woman are just as disgusted seeing our strong Aryan men commiserating with non-white women, or foaming at the mouth over them as well.  AND, it doesn’t matter if you dress a white whore in Nazi regalia – porn is porn, and its offensive to many of us when we see it in our time lines.

Many of you say you hate Jews.  Have any of you considered who the main promoters of porn are?  Are you all idiots?

You tell us to be proper.  You want us to be sweet and demure, and traditional.  Yet, you post photos of women with spread legs and fingers up their twats, then blow your wads all over your twitter feeds lusting after them?  Look, I have no problem with men admiring beautiful women.  I have a huge problem with men who chastise women who dress and act like sluts, but hold whores high on the pedestal when all they did is show you their crotch.  You are sending mixed messages guys, and you wonder why women are such bitches?  Just be consistent and maybe we’d get along better!

OH!  And for the disgusting perverts who love to send photos of your cock to women – if I EVER am sent information that one of you men sent one to one of my sisters, and it has upset them, I will post your cock for all to see along with who you are.  Pigs!

This blog post:  No, not sweet.  Not demure.  Not cultured.  Totally unladylike.  Fuck the hell right off if you’ve got a problem with it!